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What some of our Tailwaggers family & friends have to say...

After going back to work from a 1 year off, our 13 month old Havanese, Khloe, started having potty issues in the house. She also had fear issues due to her puppy mill past. As the problems continued, we decided to search for local dog trainers for some help. We were lucky enough to find Aubry.

From our first conversation, I knew I found the right person for us. She has an extensive background with a tremendous amount of knowledge. I am pleased to say that she has helped us greatly. We are currently working on Khloe's potty issues, which have shown an incredible 90% improvement in just 4 weeks. With the proper tools to relieve anxiety, her fears are diminishing, and with just ONE walk/leash lesson, Khloe now walks like a show dog!

Thank you, Aubry, for coming into our lives.

- Kelly & Michael L., Pelham, NY

Aubry, oh how we so miss you. I am so glad that I had time during my unemployment to have training sessions with you and Thunder. The training lessons that you gave were both fun and productive. I have never experienced a trainer as professional and personable as you. You taught me so many things about a dog's behavior, especially Thunder's that now I know how to manage his anxiety. The information that you passed on, from treats to behaviors, was invaluable and eye opening. Thunder is really turning a corner and settling down to be a great family dog. If it wasn't for you, we would still think we had an aggressive dog instead of one that was just misunderstood. I recommend you constantly, to people I hear complain about their dog or to new dog owners. If we ever get a "Lightning", you will be sure to hear from us again.

- Laura & Marc V, Ossining, NY

Aubry, thank you for helping us learn to train Milo. With your knowledge and help he has come a long way. We are greatly appreciative for all the time you have spent with us and we cannot thank you enough!

- Maria F, New Rochelle, NY

Jackson had fear aggression towards other dogs. The obedience training and gentle leader training have helped us become pack leaders and give Jackson guidance when he is anxious around other dogs. We are very pleased with the results so far and know there is only progress to come! We have been to two other trainers before hiring Aubry and would only recommend Aubry and Tailwaggers first, no questions! Thanks to Aubry for all she has done to help make Jackson a happier and more relaxed dog.

- Ashley & Jimmy, White Plains, NY

Kina's behavior has improved tremendously since hiring Aubry. She listens to our commands and is becoming an obedient dog. Aubry has helped our family by teaching us how to effectively train Kina and build a relationship with her. Aubry has develped an effective system by tailoring the training specific to our dogs needs. She also gives very clear instructions of what to work on in between training sessions. Learning how to work effectively with our dog has alleviated the frustration we were experiencing and as a result our dog is much calmer and more well behaved.

- Jennifer C, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Thank you so much Aubry! We were so overwhelmed and you made dog training simple. Everything we learned was both fun and helpful for us and our dogs. We highly recommend Aubry and Tailwaggers, Inc. Her techniques were very simple but extremely effective in improving all aspects of obedience and training. The improvement in our dog's behavior was almost immediate.

- Danielle & Drew, Jersey City, NJ

We called Aubry to help us train our dog Griffin to resolve his separation anxiety issues. Aubry has been great with giving us exercises to do with Griffin and to help him with the triggers that cause the anxiety. Aubry is very well organized and has a great plan for helping us work with Griffin's obedience and anxiety issues. We would definitely recommend Aubry to other dog owners.

- Christine & Kevin, White Plains, NY

Before we met you, Stout was a ball of energy - jumping up on people and furniture, playing when it wasn't playtime, and pulling forcefully on walks. Aubry, you helped us to recognize our role as Stout's leaders and gave us concrete, understandable directions for how to channel Stout's energy in positive ways. Stout now respects us and loves the training sessions we do with him. Aubry, as a dog trainer, you are very knowledgeable and have such a calming demeanor. We have learned so much from you in such a short time. It is a pleasure to recommend you to anyone who needs a dog trainer!

- Jenny & Kevin G., Pleasantville, NY

We would like to thank you for time well spent training our dog, Francine. Your dedication, along with your talent and compassion as a dog trainer, added greatly to all our lives. I have your card on file for future reference and I will continue to distribute them to my clients with the highest recommendation for your [training] service. It has been a pleasure and again, Mario and I would like to sincerely thank you.

- Lori & Mario A., Peekskill, NY

Aubry, You have been so helpful with your dog training techniques and teaching us how to understand the new dog in our household. We would have been completely lost without you!

- Pam S.

Aubry, I see a real difference with the new routine you gave us for potty training as well as the basic training exercises you taught us for our new dog. Everything you have showed me has been fantastic and has already made a real improvement with both of my dogs' lives. Thank you!!”

- William C

Thank you so very much for the kind care you gave to Spike and Beans. The daily texts/pictures were so great- I was unable to reply much of the time due to horrible cell service in VT! We were able to enjoy our holiday without worrying about the dogs! What a relief! Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of Spike and Beans!

- Elaine L.

We just wanted to let you know that once you left after our dog training appointment, we gated the dog downstairs as you instructed. I just got home after being away all day and there were no accidents whatsoever! I'm so excited! I immediately took him out once I got home and Dylan instantly did his business. It was fantastic. So the house breaking begins and I'm thorougly excited about the progress made so far. I am looking forward to what else you have in store at our next training appointment

- Nicole A.

Aubry, you are just awesome and I plan on telling everybody! I went away for business and expected to be back in three days. When my plans changed during my trip and I had to extend my travels, you didn't hesitate to take on Jake for longer than we scheduled. You made all the accommodations necessary to make sure my boy was well cared for - he even ran out of food and you made the trip to the store to buy him more. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty by taking my dog to the dog park and helping to train him too. I can't believe how quickly you taught him to properly walk on a leash, something I always had trouble with. He used to walk me - now I walk him! He also now waits for me to tell him it is ok to eat rather than jumping on me to get to his food bowl. Thanks again for all you've done!

- Doug R

Thank you so much for taking care of my Astro while I was away. I loved all the emails and the pictures. He looked like he had a really good time with you and your two Shih Tzus while I was away. Thanks again!

- Lisa S.

Aubry, I've got good news...after our dog training session yesterday, I did as you instructed and walked Bear first thing this morning and he did his business outside! We had such a big celebration this morning. I wanted to drop you this note and say "thank you"! You're helping put us on the right track with his house training.

- Mona W.

Thanks for everything! You did a fabulous job with Havoc! Casey and I are so appreciative. Please feel free to give my name and number out to everyone because we will gladly refer you any time you need it. Thanks again.

- Ozzie B.

Barbara and I really enjoyed our dog training sessions with you and we think you are terrific! There has been such a huge improvement in Louie's behavior since we started training with you. I can even walk my dog out in public without getting my arm pulled off! Thank you for making all of our lives better!

- Barbara and Jerry R.

This is just a note to thank Aubry with Tailwaggers, Inc. for the wonderful job she is doing training both myself and my dog Putter. I now walk Putter who is almost 9 years old once a day for a half hour, which has calmed him down alot. Putter listens to my commands of sit, stay, come and leave it. I am amazed at all that he has accomplished in only a few weeks of training and guidance by Aubry. We look forward to continuing his sessions. Thanks for the great job Aubry! You are really a talented dog trainer.

- Susan & Lenny F.

Aubry, I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Killian. I know you gave her a lot of extra TLC and we really appreciate it. Thanks again!

- Patty T.


Aubry, the training you did with us worked amazingly well. We see a marked improvement in how Gucci is in our home and are so glad we adopted him from the Humane Society! With your training sessions, Gucci is no longer possessive over toys, listens to us, and walks perfectly on the leash! Thank you!

- Karen & Andy A..

Aubry, you are amazing! I kept showing my boyfriend all the pictures, texts and emails of Buffy you were sending me while we were away – he and I are so impressed with how professional you are and how you kept us up to date on how she was doing, which gave us complete peace of mind. Thank you again for everything!

- Cindy S.

Thanks for the reminder to let you know how much better Buddy is doing. From our first meeting to one week later at our second training session, Buddy improved tremendously. After taking over our couch for the past six months, it only took a few days to break him of that habit. We finally have our couch back!! Walking him is so much easier now (my left arm is getting less sore everyday). The greatest help we got from you was teaching us to understand and how to train Buddy…in such little time it's amazing!! Thanks so much!

- Cindy & Ray J.

Aubry, We Just wanted to say thank you for being a part of our fall festival - it was great to have you guys as part of the festivities! You're doing such a great job with [training] our dogs here and I hope we can continue working together… Just wanted to let you know again how appreciative we are of the time you're spending to train our pups!

- Sasha Muzzaarelli, Activities/Development Director
Tri County Humane Society

Aubry, thank you so much for participating in our Howl-O-Ween Event this past weekend at the Red Cross. We had such a great turnout- we truly appreciate your support!

- Tracy Sussman, Manager - South County Service Center
American Red Cross

Aubry, we wanted you to know that we really enjoyed our training session this morning. We have been reinforcing everything you showed us. Maddy is heeling on our walks and we are excited how quickly she is catching on. We look forward to next Sunday.

- Sandy & Tony A.

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